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john ryskowski

JFR Consulting
Los Angeles, California
Q: What makes all the hardware and software in an Apple store come to life?
A: Relevant conversations

The problem always boils down to the people, but within those people lies the solution. The solution cannot start without a conversation with the right people in the same room at the same time, where they can become “unstuck” from their current mindset and allow new ideas to flow.

I am interested in devising ways to get folks “unstuck.”

Recipe for Unstuck:
1) fully engage with an unrelated concept
2) create fertile ground for surprising parallels back to the “stuck” state
3) get out of the way

Background: math teacher, drum set student, orchestra pit work, Dorsey Orchestra, real time embedded programming (what’s that you say sonny?), corporate process work, CMM lead, CMMI high maturity lead, 100’s of client engagements, DrumTalks- this and another “Synesthesia, high performing teams, ethnic rhythms, and you,” Electric Cobra owner and evangelist.